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HowToContract.net – Become an IT Contractor | How to Break into IT Contracting
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Learn to Contract

Anyone can become a contractor – even entry level jobs requiring little or no experience are open for contracts. You just need to know where to find them.

Learn how here.

Be Your Own Boss

Contractors are free to pick and choose where they work and how long for. Many choose to work for six months and then take six months off to travel or spend time with their family.

Learn the secrets to contracting here.

Many Roles – Many Contracts

Learn how to contract as a project manager, system architect, network engineer, programmer, helpdesk engineer and many more roles.

There has never been a better time to consider contracting.

Contractors Can Earn 300% More Than Employees

An independent survey by Robert Walters showed that contractors can earn three times their permanent counterparts. Conversely they often pay far less tax.

Contracting makes sense.

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7 Reasons to Contract

There are so many reasons you should consider contracting but here are the 7 best ones.

7 Reasons

Contracting Myths

Don’t believe what some people say. The contracting is alive and well and still a great option for many people.


Should You Contract?

Is contracting right for you? Answer these simple questions to find out.

Is it for You?

Payment Breaks to Earn More

The trouble with contracting is that if you take any time off to train on new technology or improve your skills you don’t get paid since you aren’t at work. Hence the phrase ‘a contractor would rather have a leg off than a day off.’ Strange really since you are probably being paid more as

Big Leaps

Or how to jump a few levels ahead… One of the great things about being an IT contractor is you don’t have to follow the usual methods of getting promoted. Time served, brown nosing, working long hours for free and so on. And you don’t have to move up one level at a time and

See No Evil

This is the rule for all contractors if you want to succeed. Half will be your technical ability but the other half (or more actually) will be how you fit in and get along with others. To this end you must: See no evil – never look for the bad in others or negative situations

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Contracting goes against many values held by permanent employees. As an employee we seek job safety, predictability and we want somebody else to take care of our health benefits, tax and so on. As a contractor we want the opposite of that and more. One thing I see many contractors do is to get too

It Isn’t All YOUR Money

I’ve worked with many contractors and some seem to either forget or simply ignore one very important fact. A portion of the money you earn on your contract doesn’t belong to you. Perhaps they have been used to the permanent position of having their taxes and deductions removed at source. They spend the money they

The Security Myth

There is no such thing as a secure job. ¬† There, I said it. While most people are still clinging to the illusion of job security others are doing something about it. I can’t blame anybody since we have all been sold the secure job myth, from our parents to our schools and universities and