Payment Breaks to Earn More

The trouble with contracting is that if you take any time off to train on new technology or improve your skills you don’t get paid since you aren’t at work. Hence the phrase ‘a contractor would rather have a leg off than a day off.’

Strange really since you are probably being paid more as a contractor than an employee anyway.

If you want to command a higher rate you need to take time off contract. You may lose money in the short term but in the medium to long term you will increase your earning potential. Even if it is only $5 per hour that adds up to an extra $200 per week or $9600 per year.

Think about it.

Paul Browning

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  1. Gareth Mckeating March 16, 2011 at 8:32 am

    It’s a valid point Paul, I think alot of contractors can get sucked into the ‘$$’ mentality, not realising that if you keep ahead of the game regarding technologies, you have much more chance of ‘$$$’ with actually less time required working.

    which equates to more time with the family or just spending some of that hard earned cash on yourself.

    My father contracts (Security, Risk . that kind of thing) for $$$$$, but takes alot of time off work to keep up to date with his certification creds, attending seminaars etc, which in itself can be quite a nice thing to do if its being held in Milan or somewhere.

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