Is Contracting For You?

Don’t get me wrong – IT contracting isn’t for everybody. Have a ponder over these questions to find out if you might enjoy it.

1. Do Prefer to Have a Boss or Be the Boss?

As an IT contractor it all comes down to you. What you want to do, how you do it and when. There is no boss to give you work for the day and you have to take responsibility for your tax, training and career.

If you prefer somebody else to do it all for you then it is better to stay an employee.

2. Are You Disciplined?

You simply cannot afford to coast through a contract. When you freelance you need to be a hard worker, dedicated to getting results for your clients and yourself. You will need to pay for your own training courses and make a plan of attack for your contracting career.

If this sounds exciting then IT contracting may be for you.

3. Are You a Professional?

  • Can you be trusted to turn up to work on time?
  • Are you smartly dressed and well groomed?
  • Can you spend a day at work without swearing/surfing the web/taking personal calls?
  • Can you work without supervision?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above then you could make a good contractor.

4. Can You Save?

You need to be able to keep in control of your personal finances and your business finances if you are to be successful as a contractor. A percentage of the money you make belongs to the government, some of it will go on professional expenses and you will need to build up a reserve fund to keep you going in between contracts.

If you let money slip between your fingers like water then you either need to become disciplined or consider if you can cut it as a contractor?

5. Do You Like Change and Variety?

Some people hate change but paradoxically, as am employee you will have changed forced upon you. As a contractor you will regularly be changing your contract, your work colleagues, work location and type of work. If you like the idea of this then it is another indicator that contracting could be right for you.

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