IT Contracting Myths

Don’t believe most of what you hear about IT contracting. Most myths are created by people who have never contracted and are too frightened to give it a go. Here are a few. If you want access to the full 60 minute webinar on IT contracting myths then please join our IT Contracting Tip of the Week.

Myth#1 – Contractors Earn the Same as Permanent Staff

Oh please. Next they will be saying the moon landing was a fake!

Contractors earn two or three times that of permanent salaried employees. Sometimes much more. Market research and contracting sites prove this time and time again.

Myth#2 – You Need to be an Expert to Contract

Contract roles are available from helpdesk upwards. The most basic helpdesk roles only require a working knowledge of Microsoft office products! Even those roles can pay more than permanent network admin roles!

Myth#3 – I Could Get Sued

Most contractors use a limited company. A limited company is its own legal person so it would be sued and not you personally. Either way, you always get professional indemnity insurance just in case but think about it – are you really going to walk in on a contract and start playing with software or the network without first checking things out and doing some testing? I hope not!

Myth#4 – Tax is Very Complicated

You need a general working knowledge of tax liabilities and then you hire a professional to prepare your returns. Most chamber of commerces’ or tax offices have free leaflets or training on  how it all works.

Myth#5 – Contracting is Hard Work

You should work hard but only because you have higher standards than permanent employees. While they are chatting about the weekend and surfing Facebook you will be working.

The truth is that as a contractor you are brought into work on a specific project whereas an employee can be called upon to carry out all sorts of unrelated tasks in order to keep them busy. In addition, you bill for the hours you work whereas 99% of employees have to work overtime for free. OUCH.

For all the other myths please view our webinar which you get for free when you join our IT Contracting Tip of the Week.