Nine Easy Ways to Get Sacked

Well, you can’t actually be sacked as a contractor but you get the idea. Instead you will be removed from the client site and not paid and possibly sued.

In no particular order here but I’ve seen it happen a few times and would like to forewarn you.

1. Making network changes with no ticket or change request.

2. Using works printer or photocopier for personal use.

3. E-mailing jokes using the works e-mail system.

4. Making or taking personal calls or business related calls during work time.

5. Making inappropriate or offensive comments or jokes.

6. Submitting false invoices for hours not worked.

7. Starting a relationship with a permanent colleague.

8. Complaining out loud or via e-mail about management or colleagues.

9. Arriving late too often.

Paul Browning

8 Responses to “Nine Easy Ways to Get Sacked”

  1. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than someone who doesn’t take their job seriously. I have worked with a few people in my life that are guilty of almost every single item on your list. I feel that if you are at work than you should be doing exactly that… working!

  2. Well this is a common ground to get fired, the client of course is paying you on the time that you are on site so i guess no question there. However i really do understand the rules imposed. Too many times I myself find myself pretending to be busy when my boss is around lol!

  3. Starting a relationship with a colleague is a definite no no, yet it is ironic, more than 50% of married couples meet their future spouses at work.

  4. Getting fired is painful, Getting fired for something you intentionally got yourself into is another thing. Albeit I almost got fired for surfing face book on office hours trying to look busy, it really does pay to behave at work. As I type this right now I am in the office trying to look busy, Oh its so Hard to behave hahahaha!

    • Ha ha – too true. Most of us have probably had occasional lapses when we get sucked into a personally interesting website or email message and use up way too much company time. But is it worth the risk of losing the job or contract – or not being invited back? I don’t think so. And with smart phones coming down in price, some of that personal surfing can be done on personal time.

  5. Complaining out loud or by email (especially by email) – yes that is a reason why people get sacked — or at least end up with very unhappy employers! We all complain or vent sometimes, but not at work – please! Why do anything to get yourself identified as a troublemaker and a problem. Share the complaints with your spouse or very best friend who does NOT work at the same place, and keep it professional at work.

    • Especially email, for sure. How many times have we heard stories about someone who fired off a nasty email – only to discover they’d sent it to an entire distribution and not the one person they *thought* they were griping too. Or – said person forwards the message and it finds its way into the wrong hands. Not smart. Not worth the momentary pleasure of saying something clever and cutting.

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