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The Security Myth

There is no such thing as a secure job.   There, I said it. While most people are still clinging to the illusion of job security others are doing something about it. I can’t blame anybody since we have all been sold the secure job myth, from our parents to our schools and universities and

Fancy Losing a Leg?

There is a old addage about contractors which although funny, is based firmly on fact. They say that a contractor would rather have a leg off than a day off! I only heard this when I came to book my first day off as a contractor and then complained to a fellow contractor that the

Document Everything!

I have seen several contractors fall foul of this classic mistake. They are on the network support team and get a call or verbal request asking for either a problem to be checked or a quick change to be done on the fly. 30 minutes later they are being marched off site. What went wrong?

Leave on a Good Note

On my last contract I witnessed a sad event. A long time network cable engineer who was well though of was marched off site by security guards. That was after they chased him around the building. He had become annoyed at having his worked checked and had become slightly suspect due to the large amounts

Your First Day

So you have landed a contract and have your start day. Make sure you start out on the right foot by following a few simple rules. First – dress smart. Even if there is a dress down policy where you are, turn up in smart dress. It doesn’t have to be a suit and tie