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Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Contracting goes against many values held by permanent employees. As an employee we seek job safety, predictability and we want somebody else to take care of our health benefits, tax and so on. As a contractor we want the opposite of that and more. One thing I see many contractors do is to get too

It Isn’t All YOUR Money

I’ve worked with many contractors and some seem to either forget or simply ignore one very important fact. A portion of the money you earn on your contract doesn’t belong to you. Perhaps they have been used to the permanent position of having their taxes and deductions removed at source. They spend the money they

The Problem With Volunteering

I cover this in detail in the lectures but it is well worth mentioning again just in case. As a contractor you are brought in to tackle a specific issue or carry out a specific role. In an effort to appear helpful or possibly a harmless request from a manager may lead you into hot

Nine Easy Ways to Get Sacked

Well, you can’t actually be sacked as a contractor but you get the idea. Instead you will be removed from the client site and not paid and possibly sued. In no particular order here but I’ve seen it happen a few times and would like to forewarn you. 1. Making network changes with no ticket

Don’t Annoy Your Employer

I learned this early into my first contract. I was new to contracting and had to learn the hard way. It turns out that because you are being paid to do a job you should do that job while you are on site. If you have any personal admin to do then leave it for

Document Everything!

I have seen several contractors fall foul of this classic mistake. They are on the network support team and get a call or verbal request asking for either a problem to be checked or a quick change to be done on the fly. 30 minutes later they are being marched off site. What went wrong?

Time to Move on?

Time flies. It could seem like you have only just arrived sometimes and you find your contract up for renewal. This is the time to ask yourself if it is time to consider moving on. The danger of staying in a contract too long is you become stale, you have learned 90% of what you

Your First Day

So you have landed a contract and have your start day. Make sure you start out on the right foot by following a few simple rules. First – dress smart. Even if there is a dress down policy where you are, turn up in smart dress. It doesn’t have to be a suit and tie