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Payment Breaks to Earn More

The trouble with contracting is that if you take any time off to train on new technology or improve your skills you don’t get paid since you aren’t at work. Hence the phrase ‘a contractor would rather have a leg off than a day off.’ Strange really since you are probably being paid more as

Big Leaps

Or how to jump a few levels ahead… One of the great things about being an IT contractor is you don’t have to follow the usual methods of getting promoted. Time served, brown nosing, working long hours for free and so on. And you don’t have to move up one level at a time and

See No Evil

This is the rule for all contractors if you want to succeed. Half will be your technical ability but the other half (or more actually) will be how you fit in and get along with others. To this end you must: See no evil – never look for the bad in others or negative situations

The Contracting Mindset

Did you know that the contractor does exactly the same thing as the regular employee? Think about it for a moment. The contractor is just doing a role which can’t be filled by a permanent employee for a number of reasons such as unexpected absence, new business, short term demand or something similar. So if

The 20% Rule

You have probably already realised that with your contracting income, some of it goes to you, some of it to the tax man and other into various expenses such as travel and food costs. Here is something I strongly recommend you do if you are serious about having a lucrative, successful and enjoyable career as

Time to Negotiate

You will always be told that there is no money in the budget to pay you any more. I tend to ignore such statements but if you do want to up your hourly rate you have to come back with some form of leverage. No leverage means you can’t even think about negotiating. Here is