The Contracting Mindset

Did you know that the contractor does exactly the same thing as the regular employee?

Think about it for a moment. The contractor is just doing a role which can’t be filled by a permanent employee for a number of reasons such as unexpected absence, new business, short term demand or something similar.

So if that is the case, what is the difference and what sort of person would seek such a position?

A contractor is more of a free spirit than a permanent employee. They understand that they are there to fulfil a function and when they are no longer required they will be leaving. There will be no severance package and no help finding another role.

A contractor may work as part of a team but they don’t belong to that team. They realise that they will be leaving in X months time and so may get along with their colleagues they don’t tend to form long term friendships with them.

They stay out of office politics, show no interest in who has been promoted and why and they never discuss anything about their personal life.

This can be hard to accept for the new contractor but it is essential that they keep this distance if they are to be successful.

Paul Browning

6 Responses to “The Contracting Mindset”

  1. I never thought of it like that.

    I thought that a contractor was some sort of special role that you had to be trained or qualified to perform. In that case I could contract?

    • Carl – If you have a skill or expertise that is in demand by others, and the mindset to work for relatively independently, you might be able to use that skill as a contractor. To be hired as an IT contractor you might also need to have very specific certification or education for the type of work service or support you want to offer. That’s part of presenting yourself as a skilled professional who can come in and get the job done.

  2. Being a contractor is one of the biggest favor you can do yourself!

    what do I mean? According to Kiyosaki, a leading entrepreneur, stepping out of the “rat race” (a 9-5 job where in you have a fixed income) should be a primary aim in life. Being your own boss, and doing what you love to do is something everyone should be doing. since I am also in the contracting business, we construct high rise buildings, and homes. The feeling is just so nice. All you need is to organize yourself in alignment to your goal and every thing falls on its place.

  3. it is so cool to be working on a contract based job. you don’t have to rival with office mates for promotions. you don’t get bullied by the supervisor that often since there really is no competition.

  4. I think this is a great Eye opener. Why on earth would we want those perpetual boring jobs? No sense of skill advancement. Another thing you have to mind is the fact that you work long hours and receive a fixed income. Yep One day I’ll Go for, Being a contractor will be my biggest goal!

  5. I like the description of a contractor as a free spirit, and they also must have a resilient and a confident spirit – because as you said Paul, there’s no severance package when the contract is done, and usually no help finding another role. It’s your own responsibility. But if you have the resilience and the confidence to handle the uncertainty, than you very likely have the right mindset.

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