Big Leaps

Or how to jump a few levels ahead…

One of the great things about being an IT contractor is you don’t have to follow the usual methods of getting promoted. Time served, brown nosing, working long hours for free and so on. And you don’t have to move up one level at a time and serve your time in each role.

Oh no…

The whole point of being a contractor, or at least a very big part of it is not having to follow the same rules and procedures that our full time employees do. It doesn’t work for them so why bother in fact?

The best way to jump up levels is to move contracts. I’ve seen people leave a contract and come back six months later at higher levels and rates of pay. They’ve either passed some exams or got some experience with new technology or with a prestigious company.

The leap would have taken them several years as an employee if they were trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Think about it.

Paul Browning

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  1. This is very true and accurate. I am currently working as an SCCM/Software Packaging Contractor, on my second 6 month contract renewed. You can give yourself handsome promotions and pay raises in the contract world, whereas Full Time folks are stuck for years trying to build up. All the while, inflation is eating up on their current salary.

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